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Welcome to The Book Connection

The Book Connection is a full service book packaging / shepherd and consulting service. We are the author and independent publisher's premier consulting resource for book projects of all kinds. Since 1996, The Book Connection has utilized a team of more than 30 freelancers with book-specific publishing expertise across all genre to help you achieve the goals outlined for your book project.

The Book Connection represents the latest and most innovative ideas in the publishing industry and today’s market. We provide instant access to professional advice on every aspect of your book project, from editing and design, to marketing and distribution.

Here is how The Book Connection can help, whether you are an author wanting to find a publisher for your book project, looking for E-book conversions from your existing manuscript or printed book, an author wanting to self-publish your project, or a small publisher needing outsourcing help.

The Book Connection — The latest division of The Book Connection deals with “all things” concerning professional E-book conversions. We can convert your Word or PDF files utilizing HTML5 and CSS resulting in .epub and .mobi files which are utilized for the Kindle, Nook, iPad and various other E-book readers.

Up until quite recently E-book formats could only handle black and white, text heavy books. Now the latest E-readers such as the iPad, Nook, and Kindle Fire make it such that you can convert highly formatted books like graphic novels, photo essays and children’s books. So if you have hesitated because you produce these types of books, the sky is the limit now. Call and ask to speak with Deena, our E-book expert, about your project and how we can help you achieve your goals with our professional quality conversions and competitive rates.

PRINT BROKERING SERVICES — The Book Connection utilizes book manufacturing facilities worldwide to print your books. Most of these printers we have used for nearly 20 years and know their quality and skill-set. We can print your high-end coffee table or 4-color book projects in Canada or Hong Kong for the most cost effective pricing. Books with black and white interiors are printed at book manufacturing facilities in the states. We also have relationships with strictly print-on-demand companies as well as those printers who specialize in marketing collateral printing at reasonable costs.

SMALL PUBLISHERS — Because most small, independent publishers work with limited budgets that can't support in-house personnel, the publisher has to wear many hats. Why not let The Book Connection become your outsourcing partner -- an in-house member of your publishing team. This will result in three things:

  • You can handle the part of being a publisher that you love best
  • You become more productive
  • You will get better quality when professionals have a genre specialty in:
  • Production Coordination
  • Editing
  • Text Flow
  • Cover / Jacket Design
  • Collateral Marketing Design / Printing
  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Printing at Book Manufacturing Facilities Specific to your Needs

AUTHORS — If you are an author our services could be invaluable for getting your foot in the door of a traditional publishing house with:

  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Project Evaluations for Viability
  • Consulting for your specific project's direction
  • What that next step should be
  • Direction to finding an agent or publisher
  • Developmental editing of your manuscript
  • Grammatical editing of your manuscript

SELF-PUBLISHERS — If you are an author wanting to self-publish your book and create your own small press, The Book Connection has a publishing professional to guide you through any piece of the publishing industry maze. The creative control will be in your hands (where it belongs) with guidance from our database of professionals and their expertise and experience.

The Book Connection
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